Educational Use

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand the educational opportunities that Win Box Audio products offer.

Q: What does "licensed for educational use" mean?
A: Usually, copyrighted audio recordings may not be broadcast for an audience in any form, unless you have the permission of the copyright holder.  However, all of Win Box Audio's recordings that are "licensed for educational use" may be broadcast to a classroom audience.  Simply put, it means our recordings can be used by students and teachers in a classroom setting, without having to pay any extra fees or obtain special permission.  This reflects Win Box Audio's strong commitment to quality education.

Q: I'm a teacher.  If I download a Win Box Audio Book or Mini-Audio Book, can I make copies for my students?
A: That depends...if the download was free then yes, you may make as many copies as your students need.

Q: What if it was one of the files that you have to pay for?
A: No.  Unfortunately, you may not make copies of the "for-purchase" audio books or mini-audio books.  However, you may still use the book in your classroom by playing it out load.  All of our books are licensed for broadcast in the classroom.

Q: I am a homeschool teacher.  Can I still use your books?
A: Yes!  Our books and mini-books can be used in public schools, private schools, home schools, churches, synagogues, colleges, and universities.

Q: I produce a program on a non-commercial radio station, and your audio book would be great to use.  Can I play your audio book on the air?
A: Most of the time...yes!  In fact, we encourage the use of our recordings in both non-commercial and commercial radio broadcasts and podcasts.  However, you need to obtain written permission from Win Box Audio before using the recording.  Simply send an e-mail to the address listed below, including the name of your radio station or podcast, which of our books you would like to use, and your intended purpose for using the book.  9 times out of 10, we will give you permission.

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